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Employer provided. I have to contribute about $200/month but that's less than 20% of the cost.

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I never really had to think about the official name of it. I've just called it healthcare.

Edit: Okay, I think I know. Since I've come to Continent, I've made a "contract" with Medis. And also while growing up I've had ADSE and the regional health services.

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Group coverage.

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Why do you think i voted this way - could it because that is the correct answer for me???

My husband has COBRA (almost 1/2 of what the Obamacare would have cost and with lower co-pays AND deductable) and I have Medicare. (I'll note that just 1 of my medications went from $3.60 for 90 days in July 2016 to $42.80 for 90 days in July 2017 - and it's GENERIC --- something very wrong there!)

I don't use it....Only time i'll use it is near death or...

if someone mugs me and wants my card..

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