People get wrong messages from movies and tv. Amirite?

What are some of the wrong messages we get from tv/movies? But would a movie be any fun if everyone followed life's rules?

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In movies...when you get a ticket or are in an accident...it is usually a funny or happy thing.

In movies...hardship can be perceived as interesting and sometimes even fun...think the life of Loretta Lynn...in the Coal Miners Daughter... I can't imagine growing up worse...but they make it sound like the Saturday night dance makes up for it all...

And suffering can be portrayed as being saintly or heroic...if you could ask Anne Frank...no doubt she would be the last person to think she deserved accolades. In fact she is only representing the others who did what she did...

I know this is slightly off your intended premise, but I sort of get a little amused by the fist fights in movies and TV where the guys punch each other a dozen times where in reality a real fight would be over after the first or second blow to the head or stomach. Or in old crime movies where people get shot and no blood is visible.

One of the most basic wrong messages is the lack of personal consequences (or injuries) after committing certain offenses.

I always find it Ironic that in order for the main character to live they have to kill 7 bazillion people in order to make that happen.

A Michael Bay movie, everything is better with more explosions

A Michael Bay movie, everything is better with more explosions