What do men think they know more about than women?

Looking forward to the ladies answers!😄

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Donating sperm.

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I'm still trying to work us out roll smilie hehe smilie

Just about everything. lol

Men understand why other men do some pretty stupid things sometimes.


How to hire a hooker?

Literally everything.

A lot of things...really, more so online than on the outs. Based on my own observations, most "know-it-all" responses, demands, and negative labels in social networking sites came from men.

@Masha YouTube gets the gold in that regard.

It's what happens when social networking and video's meet up with no real-time moderation eek smilie

Football, Techniques on how to pee standing up.

Scratching our balls.

That sometimes they're in a bad mood and there is nothing you can do to fix it and any attempt will only make her bark at you more.

Oh I am here just to read the comments. hehe smilie

Popcorn anyone??


@OzSurfer Thanks! I joined in but now I'm hiding back here with you :)

Most welcome. I brought plenty of popcorn & I know where the exit is in case it gets ugly hehe smilie

Some men know its better not to answer certain questions in certain subjects because there is nothing good to come from it..

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