Without seeking assistance, please describe the location and physical properties of the va·gi·na and vul·va, as well as naming areas of both that include natural portions of their construct. SO MANY teens and adults have little clue regarding this area... that's why I want to bring this up [Use whatever substitutes for a word that will keep you from being censored.]

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Hello! Wrong class...again...

@Sukiesnow Hello! Wrong class...again...

This is geography 101. You are just walking asleep, again.

As I don't get to interact with one, the best I can do is say that below the map of Australia is a map of Tasmania.

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Entering through storm bay looks exciting :)

I am seeking assistance... No, the mental health helpline doesn't take my calls anymore.

Not sure, I hear it was near Djibouti

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By Skilla1st - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w...curid=54243254

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Thank you for one other example of ignorance and baseless assumption - your general bent towards topics of this nature have partially been why I've chosen to survey the issue.

Often, the vul·va has been wrongly termed the va·gi·na, and sometimes to be part of the va·gi·na, by a large non-scientific population. It's with a clinical view that I've posted the topic and not for any hope of salacious reward.

I'll be blocking you - I do that with intentionally-ignorant antagonists.

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Me too... It should get interesting😊

With enough experience it's not a mystery, all you need is a female.

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Okay. Thanks for participating as you have.

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Your pronunciation is the street variety - that wouldn't swing in the medical community - thanks just the same.

Thanks for your input.

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