How Would You Cure Your Employee's Cold ? A man calls his boss and tells him he’s got a splitting headache and a bad cold, so he’ll have to miss work. The boss, interested in making their performance figures for the quarter, pushes his employee to come in despite his condition. “Here’s what I always do,” the boss says. “I head home and have my wife pour me a bath, the hottest I can stand. I get into the bath and have her gently wash me with a sponge while I sip on some tea. Once she finishes, I then take her to the bedroom and make love to her. After that, I feel like a million bucks!” “Okay,” his employee says. “I’ll give it a shot.” Just after lunch, the employee walks into work. The boss walks over to his desk, smiling smugly. “I told you,” says the boss. “You were so right,” the employee responds. “That worked like a charm. Oh, and you have a NICE house!”