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Slightly annoyed. We have relatively good transparency over here, when it comes to government files, so people can check their own records for any irregularities once a year for free. Military obviously has a strict file on me, as well as the court rulings - which are public domain, unless decided otherwise (rarely) by the courts in question. I'm quite certain, that my DNA profile is still in the records, so in case there is an unsolved murder in Ontario...

I guess as long as it was accurate I would be ok with it but it's more about who gets to access it and when?

Meh, my only crime is stealing salami from the fridge and once caught driving with turned off headlights during daytime.

I would be furious.This shouldn't happen in Britain!Hope it doesn't.

I have nothing to hide, so I would feel more secure.

That would be an extremely boring file. Surely they have better things to do.

Very unhappy

I couldn't care less.