Can you come up with an idea about celebrating Diversity Day? No? Of course yes.Please see inside for my idea.

I wanted Chinese waitstaff to switch with let's say...Italian waitstaff at an Italian would be interesting...let's say... And even tho it's a bit hokey... I still like stories that kids give about moving to this land. And there is a Diversity Day, right? I just assumed by now that it was a given. All these Days to celebrate and so little left right now to celebrate them with...

Image for post **Can you come up with an idea about celebrating Diversity Day?** //No?// Of course yes.//Please see inside for my idea.//
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How about if we just spend the day embracing differences.

Nope...sorry...darlings... sound of door closing gently

I have just had to turn away several aliens.

They wanted to join Amirite.

They had no picture id.


As they left and climbed into their spacecraft...I heard mutterings of "exico" and "ates"..... Interesting.

So...I love food, too...and one of the BEST ways to celebrate diversity (or anything) is with food... FOOD STANDS or TRUCKS are great...

Yea.. i celebrate it by acting like it's just another day..

Helps everyone blend in gracefully....

I'm not even sure when that day odds are my plan will be accomplished very effortlessly..

hmm smilie There is a diversity day??

Sorry I am just gonna spend it like the other days. It seems like we are setting aside one day to recognize something we can do every single day.


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hehe smilie

I am waiting for hot fudge sundae day

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