Follow up question-What do you love spending money on?

Image for post Follow up question-What do you love spending money on?
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Good food, vacations and making the house nice. Boring, I know.

My gf, my mother, my animals, good food to cook for family......

Art supplies, gifts

Hookers, LSD and elevated stress levels.

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Good food, vacations, nice clothes....Christmas gifts.

Art, not the painted on canvas type (I may throw in so few for me collection but it wouldn't be the bulk of it) I would but more digital art, some lettering pieces, maybe some oil pastels. I just want to be able to suport some of my favorite artists. Oh and buy a ton of books.

Things that matter in the long run.

Corrs concerts.

Following up...what? Perfume.

@Sukiesnow Following up...what? Perfume.

Well there was my 'I hate spending money on ____?' q. Hate spending money on perfume!hehe smilie

Books and my dog.

Everything but insurance...

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