Just make sure you're part of the majority.

Sukiesnows avatar Life
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Sometimes the majority does terrible things. I try to make sure I'm behaving in accordance with my own morals.

I see no reason for that....

Often, the majority is correct. For instance: The majority of people hate child molestation. You want to be part of the majority there.

Um, no.

Mashas avatar Masha Disagree +1Reply

majority, legality, and popularity have no correlation to morality and ethics. Therefore, it'd have to be on a case by case basis.

Trishs avatar Trish Disagree +1Reply

A book I read by Robert Antony said " Conformism is the opposite of bravery"
I refuse to bow to the wishes and opinions of the majority, if I do so I betray myself.

@Sukiesnow So you'd be a non-conformist on purpose?

You can't be a complete non conformist, I agree with the opinion of many people only because I decided to think this way on my own an it happens I'm not alone. It's not about being a non conformist but more like you can't tell me what to think kinda situations.

I'll just be me..whatever that makes me.

DandyDons avatar DandyDon Disagree -1Reply

Not about to happen. I am me & always will be. Not gonna pretend to like something cause everyone else does

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