What would you do if Jesus appeared to you right now?

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I am not gay and I probably wouldn't either hehe smilie


When i look at that pic all I can think of is sweaty smelly guy eww

Bow down and worship.

I would invite him for dinner.

Ask him to leave me alone - I have a restraining order against him for a pretty good reason.

Look for cameras - I would thought it was a prank.

After it was clarified it was really him, I would probably just speak with him.

Cry in sheer joy, then ask him why it took so long. lol! Then ask if I'm dead or why he came.

Faint or maybe call 911 cause I would think some guy from homeless shelter had gotten into my house.

I'd acknowledge him and what he had to say (if anything) then go on with the rest of my day, I guess.

I would probably look longingly at my bottle of water.

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