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The guy made a point that I've been thinking for some years now - every person that wants to rule a country, should go through a psych evaluation.

He's a narcisist/egomaniac; he denies reality if it doesn't fit with his views; he says something, then either contradicts himself or says he never said such thing; he's highly thin skinned, he has no idea how to deal with any criticism. Until now he either rejects it completely, calls it lies, or makes some attempt at insulting the person who made the criticism... like him, hate him, I don't care. This man doesn't have the mental or emotional stability of an adult, even less the ruler of a First World country.

@Sofia The guy made a point that I've been thinking for some years now - every person that wants to rule a country, should...

You nailed it 100%. He wouldn't even reveal his health records when campaigning. That would have revealed a lot.

“It is a stigmatizing insult to the mentally ill (who are mostly well behaved and well meaning) to be lumped with Mr. Trump (who is neither).”

-Allen Frances
Chairman of the task force that wrote the DSM-IV.

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He should have been examined before he was nominated....things would have been different.

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That's true, and they still don't care.

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It was very obvious to a lot of people, but there were some that would believe everything Trump says or does. He could run naked down the street, and it was photographed, and his staff would call it "fake" news. lol

His actions prove it every day that he is one can deny that.

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Definitely the worse president....just hope something will be done about him before he destroys our country or gets us into a senseless war.

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But they got behind his nomination
Why do you think that is? These arent stupid people.
To think that they could count on the gullibility of much of the voting public.
Have a guy that spouts "i get you, im not a politician. Only i, can fix the countrys ills. I know more than the generals. Better healthcare, and cheaper. Build a wall, the immigrants are raping your women and stealing your jobs. And ....oh yes, defeat isis on day one. And...LAW and ORDER."

They have an agenda that isnt practicle. One that will actually negatively effect most of the people who elected him. But, they had someone who could sell it. Never mind the blatant flaws in his character. Look! He is getting away with it.
36% approve. They say it's a low number.'s 3.5 people in 10. That is alot of people buying into all of this. With a republican president, they have all the power. .
I think they underestimated trump, though. Crazy, can do crazy things. And crazy hides in the open. A phych evaluation for any nominee should be required.

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The White House is in chaos and Trump thinks it's just fine. What's the saying...."Rome burned, while Nero fiddled." That's exactly what's happening to America. We have no leader at the helm, just someone who tweets and thinks only of himself and his family. I'm wondering how long Gen. Kelly will put up with his crap.

It's a shame some of his supporters come on a post just to make a snide comment about the post, but they never have anything good to say about Trump. That seems very odd to me. If they are so for him, why can't they defend him in some fashion instead of dissing the poster for telling the truth?

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Sure they will, but I guess that's OK to those who refuse to see what he is doing to them.

@StarzAbove It's a shame some of his supporters come on a post just to make a snide comment about the post, but they never have...

Good question. They cant.
At least one guy tried. But his list of "accomplishments" was mostly unimplemented and, or vague nonsense.

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You know, I defended your stance on your president Trudeau, it's a damn shame you can't show me the same courtesy.

Oh, and thanks for the down vote, I'll return the favor.

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That's what he does....every day, lies about everything to try to make himself look good, but in fact, all he does is showing the American people what a low down scum bag this president really is.

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No one can deny that Trump is performing normally. With the constant lies and misstatements, even the Republican Congress is going against him now. The Boy Scouts of America had to apologize for his comments. Law enforcement had to make an apology as well. That is NOT fake news, no matter how it's spun. It happened.

These were notable psychiatrists, who gave their opinion, and more than one agreed, that Trump has mental problems. Who they voted for isn't important....they aren't political....

And the only people who even think about Hillary losing are the Trump supporters. She lost, we all know it, no one is crying about it, except the Trump supporters who deflect to Hillary or Obama every time they want to turn the page.... Trump is president and he should start acting like one.

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We all want our presidents to succeed, but since he's been in the White House....(which he called a dump) it's been scandal after scandal and complete chaos. And that's not FAKE news. And anyone with good sense can see that....that's not good for anyone, except Putin.

Have a good day.

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More BS from a Trump supporter. It's not a witch hunt when a special investigator is investigating all of Trump's corrupt dealings with Russia.

If that were true, Fox Noise would be all over far....SILENCE. lol

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I'm not twisting anything, but you have your head in the sand when it comes to Trump. One CNN producer has a right to what he believes, but there are millions of others who believe it is NOT a witch hunt. That's why there is an investigation going one, they don't do that frivolously. And even today another scandal is coming out. I wonder what lies Trump will say today. Or how he and his family will try to squirm out of this one.

Believe what you want.... it matters not to me.

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hehe smiliehehe smilie Wow you really are delusional....I feel very sorry for you when Trump is impeached,... but remember I warned you. lol

Now you can cry in that beer....I don't drink. lol

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Speaking of delusional, lol, no where did I say impeachment is automatically the removal of a president. lol

Sounds like you're very worried, and you should be, in fact that's the only thing that you've said that made any sense.

Impeachment is a good start, though, to the removal of a it cripples him so much that no one will trust him, and he will never serve a second term.

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