Have you ever had a precognitive dream or vision?

68% Yes 21% No 5% Unsure 5% Other
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8 13

Just dejavu

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I dreamt of Ryan Dunn 's death a year and a half before it happened. I dreamt I attended his funeral. He was in the casket, typical white t shirt and jeans. I asked Steve o and Chris Pontius what'd happened. One of them said "car accident". Then I said " where's Bam?". They just shook their heads sadly. I got the feeling he couldn't make it in time. I also had a waking vision of a concert I'd go to a year beforehand. I dreamt of an airport/ plane ride including gate numbers an year and a half before.

I knew I was going to write this comment.

More than a hand full and less than all of them.

I have had the feeling something has happened before

dreamed a few years ago that my work would move location, and this summer we moved location'

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