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You're right. Any government official conspiring with a media outlet is dangerous.


Fox is the only media that is in bed with Trump. I very rarely watch them, but I have noticed that when they are defending him, they get vicious when the truth is presented. The only ones that are reliable are Shepherd Smith,,,who will probably be fired for voicing his opinions, and Chris Wallace, who will try to get at the truth.

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I agree completely. I've also noticed it's very rare when they have a liberal on their program. Plus, that's the only station Trump or his supporters will ever go on. Whereas the others, CNN for one, has everyone on their program. They have even invited Trump, but he is scared to.

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I'm sure his staff feel like they have to walk on egg shells around him or they will be fired too. He can't stand criticism of any kind, he wants people to bow down to him like he's a king. He is on his way to becoming a dictator unless the Republicans step up to the plate and rein him in. They at least have started by really making him sign the sanctions against Russia, and He can't undo them unless Congress approves. He thought he was above the Congress and everyone else.

I'm sure the bookies are taking bets every day as to who will get fired next. I'm thinking it might be Sara Sanders....he probably doesn't like her looks.

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You're right, Congress put the screws to him, he had to sign it....but if they hadn't he would have taken all sanctions off of Russia...or I should say...Putin. Putin definitely has some dirt on the president and the special investigator will find it soon....then it's goodbye Trumpo.

At last the Republicans are stepping up to the plate, they know he's a loser and now there's a bill in Congress that Trump can't fire Mueller to end the investigation. I'm sure Trump is very worried now....because Mueller will be checking his finances and that's what Trump has fought so hard against. Once his tax returns are investigated, all the lies will come to light....

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Exactly, they don't want to hear the truth. When Obama was president, that's all Hannity could talk about, every night.... he's a racist for sure.

Not a big surprise, but significant just the same.

Here's what Senator Ted Cruz had to say about the relationship between President Trump and Fox News last year during the primaries..

"There is a broader dynamic at work, which is network executives have made a decision to get behind Donald Trump. Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes at Fox News have turned Fox News into the Donald Trump network."

"Rupert Murdoch is used to picking world leaders in Australia and the United Kingdom running tabloids, and we're seeing it here at home with the consequences for this nation."

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Exactly....and this comment is so true. "Trump’s supporters appear to be in love with him. They worship him as though he were their personal road to salvation and happiness. Trump’s voters were seduced by "fake news" and all too easily manipulated by Russian agents operating on the internet."

And some delusional supporters still have their heads in the sand, saying there is no collusion with Russia when all intelligence agencies have said there is. lol That's why he's trying so hard to get rid of any person he thinks will prove it. The firing of Comey, dissing Sessions, so he can get someone in there that will fire Mueller. But that is backfiring on him too. The Republicans are at last taking a stand against our paranoid president, and they will stop him if he even tries to fire Mueller. The investigation will go on.

Some, not all, Trumpsters seem to ignore all the scandals, day in and day out, that are occurring, and yet they still believe his lies. Pathetic.

Money buys power.
Power can distribute the illusion of empowerment.
I, personally, had higher opinions of my fellow americans.

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You nailed But there are some worshippers who are seeing the light and going against him. 33% approval rating says it all. The Chump is on his way out.

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Yes there are. Some family members are really mad at him for all the lies he's telling and not taking responsibility for his actions. Blaming everyone for his failures but himself.

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...and you would be correct. Plus his ego is bigger than his fat body.

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Exactly, people were OK that he has cheated on all his wives, even Melania..... and they still think it's OK. He's definitely not good in the looks department, it's the money.

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Can't say that I blame her. lol


Agree, agree, agree.


@Carla Everyday....everyday.

Sometimes more than one each day.

@Carla I know. It is very troubling.

His approval rating has dropped again, I think it's at 36% now. People are waking up to this crook.

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