Would you rather own a cabin by the woods, a country home, a condo by the beach, or an apartment in the city?

Image for post Would you rather own a cabin by the woods, a country home, a condo by the beach, or an apartment in the city?
22% cabin by the woods 13% country home 35% condo by the beach 9% apartment in the city 22% Other
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The woods for me! Especially if there's a nice river or lake nearby.

JanHaskells avatar JanHaskell cabin by the woods +7Reply

I have a country home in the woods.
I'm not partial to apts. or condos.
But i would take a redoable shack by the ocean....please.

Carlas avatar Carla Other +5Reply

I've got some nice wooded land, it's about a 5 minute drive. I love the beach.

JerryHendricksons avatar JerryHendrickson condo by the beach +4Reply

That or the beach, somewhere peaceful and quiet

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Not the political posts though, I feel like Im going to learn everything about American politics from the questions here, might as well fly over and apply for a citizenship, apparently I know more about American history than some people in LA

Put me in the country home - not the nursing home! I want a big barn and we're gonna rescue farm animals. They'll live out their lives safe, loved and comfortable. There will be dogs - lots of dogs. We need a place for a swimming hole so water animals can join and the dogs have a place to swim and cool off in the summer. We'll have lot's of gardens for flowers and we'll encourage bee people to put up hive boxes to pollinate fields of proper plants.

Budwicks avatar Budwick country home +4Reply

I prefer the beach....

A house in the country with some land would be ideal for me. The kind of place where I can't see or hear my neighbors and I have enough space to do some hobby farming. A nearby lake for swimming and a year round creek running through the property would be a bonus. Ideally, I'd be able to build a small hydro-electric system for power.

It would also be nice to have a vacation cabin out on the coast where the forest meets the ocean. It's really beautiful out there, but I wouldn't want to live there all the time, it's too much work, especially in the winter.

One of each please and I'll give away a couple of them. I'll keep the country home and the condo by the beach.

I am not the property investor kind of person.. nor am I a real estate agent, so I'd just like the apartment in a city, fairly close to my place of work.. Maybe that's because I don't have one rn.

ZaraZoopers avatar ZaraZooper apartment in the city +1Reply

House in the suburbs

I love being alone with nature.it's so peaceful.

hootowls avatar hootowl cabin by the woods +1Reply

rather rent

cubs avatar cub Other +1Reply