Trump was right; wind turbines are an eyesore.

Image for post Trump was right; wind turbines are an eyesore.
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Did Trump say that? And McLie agreed?
Wait a minute - did I die?

I like the concept of turbines - but a bazillion of them all together IS an eyesore. They're bad for birds, they're noisy and they can't seem to figure out how to keep them from catching on fire.

I only disagree because of the words.

We have a few south of here. I think they are wonderful.

I took a long trip west in '86. Saw a foothill covered in a smaller version of the newer ones. Dont remember where.
It gave me an uplifting feeling.

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He's certainly not alone in having that opinion...

Harry Says Wind Turbines Are An Eyesore

At least Prince Harry was probably politer than his grandfather.

When Prince Philip waded into the debate on wind farms in 2011, he did so in his own frank and inimitable style, describing them as “absolutely useless” and “a disgrace.”

Walkamin residents claim mountain turned into “eyesore” by wind farm construction

Residents in Harleston object to ‘eyesore’ wind turbines

In Block Island Turbines, Some See Progress Where Others See An Eyesore

Largest offshore wind farm opens off Thanet in Kent
//Some local residents say the wind farm is an eyesore //

Residents file wind farm complaints

The majority of the complaints mentioned noise, light flicker from the turbine blades, loss of television and cellular telephone connections and the conditions of the roads. There were also complaints about drainage problems and issues with the red lights on the top of the wind turbines and vibrations.

Several people complained that horses were acting differently, cats wouldn’t go outside, and the area lacked wildlife.

There are worse eyesores than a windmill. But coming from a president who says the White House is a dump, it's understandable that he would say that.

They are beautiful to me because it is not causing polution. also means we buy less oil from our enimies in Isilsis Maybe people thought telephone poles were ugly but we all got used to it.

On that picture, I wouldn't call the wind turbine the eyesore. I like renewable energy. If it makes the world cleaner, and it's not messing human life, we should use it.

On a side note, I remember when we (my family and I) drove up in the island to some trip-day or whatever, we would see the wind turbines far away. I always liked seeing it spin. I found it calming. Unless it's on fire, then calming isn't the word I would use...
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(btw, I've never seen one on fire in real life. I just found the gif. It makes me think of planes, for some reason).

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Trump thinks white house is a dump? Gosh I will live there if he hates it, much better than my current place.

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I think older homes are so much better. I would love to get a victorian everything would be redone to original EXCEPT kitchen and bathroom which I like modern.

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