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Ha.... we all knew that the minute he was elected. But there were some people who thought that was just fine, so we now have a dysfunctional White House with nothing getting done, and nothing will get done as long as he in there.

I've mentioned impeachment....but some supporters are saying he has done nothing wrong. I laugh everytime I read that. They sure went after Clinton and the blue dress....and Trump has more than one blue dress in his lifetime.

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For sure....nothing will come of it. He only wants those coming in who speak English....how stupid is that. All the farmers are gonna suffer because of that idiocy..... they hire lots and lots of migrant workers here in Indiana....so where they gonna get their help now?

Trump has actually lost his mind, that is if he even had one. He is very insecure and paranoid....not good traits for a president.

I'm still trying to understand how a reality TV celebrity was accepted by the Republicans in the first place. Most of the right-leaning people I've met hate celebrities in general, but they look down on Reality TV as if they're shit on the bottom of their shoe.

I also still have no clue how is not mandatory for a person that wishes to become a politician to have a degree in Law, especially if that person is to be on the highest position of the country.

And, it's still ironic to me how Bill Clinton's marriage and case of sexual assault was such a big deal, to the point that he was impeached, but Trump having three marriages and way more charges of sexual assault is somehow acceptable.

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Many, yes.

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The most common thing I've seen was "people on Reality TV are trash". For what I understood people saying that don't really care what that person did before. And even with Trump being always very proud of his show, being related to a Reality TV and being a celebrity stopped being an issue to many people.

In my opinion, no. That's why there is the Generals, and people around him to advice him and keep him on track. Would it help if he had better understanding of the military? Of course it would. But to be a politician, no matter the rank you're in, Law is the main point. If you wanna be on a high-rank of pretty much every job I can think of, you need to have some sort of degree or experience. But when it comes to the highest rank in the political world, you can be clueless about it and still be allowed to do it. That just seems wrong.

My mistake. Sorry. The sexual assault charges were the first reason to push for impeachment (that one failed, I think). I maintain what I said though, about being such a big deal, because it was. And now it's okay. The same way with democrats that had no issue with what Clinton did, but now use Trump's lack of fidelity and sexual assault charges to prove he's not worth of the position. These moments of "I'll get offended by this, but I'll be fine if my side does the same"... this should stop. It's not helping anyone.

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Him being a reality TV never did a thing to me. I've always been aware being on TV doesn't mean you're trash. I'm speaking of people that act like that's the case, but when it comes to Trump, it stopped being an issue. If you don't know anyone like that, that's good, I guess.

I know which degree Trump has. That doesn't change what I said. If someone wants to be the President, they should, at least, have some sort of education in Law.

Yes, I know.

Way too common.

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Good point. US is military focused, so it makes sense if you guys had a President that had a clue about it too. But I still think that having knowledge in Law should be the basics, at least. But as you said, you can teach them all you want, but they are the ones that decide what to do with that knowledge and they don't always have the best intentions to the people.

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Nope. That sounds quite reasonable.

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bet ya didn't open your peep about Bill Clinton when he was president, lol

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