If Donald is such an evil person, why... ...please fill in the rest...haters and lovers alike...

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Rid your sentence of 'if' and 'why' :)

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I can't get around all of the working people he has stiffed.
That can really hurt. He knew it. It was intentional. How do you describe that?
Good and evil have degrees.

Evil? Probably, but mean, cruel, paranoid, self-centered, pretentious snob comes to mind as well. His 33% approval rating backs up exactly what I just said. People are waking up at last.

Why are people constantly hating Donald Duck? Silly... Yes, Walt Disney was a Nazi, but still...

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I agree....too bad they can't see what a corrupt person Trump is and also his family. He's still talking about Hilllary, I think he knows she would have won, if not for the Russians. So now that he's being investigated thoroughly, he's deflecting to her again....and is rousing his base again....to lock her up. When in fact, he will be locked up soon. He can't get over the fact that she actually beat him in the popular vote. The man is insane.

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