Should I seek reimbursement from the Turkish government?

I just found this article on line. I am Irish Turks got African slavers to take Irish as slaves at one point. Shouldn't I get some compensation from the Turks and the africans??

On 20 June 1631 a North African pirate ship captained by Jan Janszoon (Murad Reis) sailed into Roaring Water Bay in West Cork and raided coastal village of Baltimore. A crew of slave traders roused the villagers from their beds, slaughtered anyone who resisted, and herded 107 people into the hold of their waiting ship. Men, women and children were taken, even down to babies in the cradle. The villagers were sold into a life of slavery in the Ottoman Empire.[5]Ottoman is Turkush..

0% yes 67% no only works in in usa. 33% Other
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voxing I guess that only works in religion yes? We are all suffering supposedly every day because adam and eve ate something they shouldn't have. Do't all kids steal a cookie or whatever from parents? Now besides that wasn't Jesus supposed to have wiped the slate clean?? Gues that didn't work out :)

That would be ridiculous, you can't blame people for what their ancestors did, just like how BLM wants to be compensated for slavery, the idea is idiotic at it's core. And btw I'm with Turkish ancestry, maybe I can compensate you with a cookie.

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Maybe as some were very dark. I need to get dna tested so I can know for sure.

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