Are Duck Lip Selfies Still In?

In 2015 [that's two years ago!], a group of scientists waded into the duck-face discussion. Researchers analyzed 123 selfies and had each person whose picture was analyzed complete a personality questionnaire.

The researchers noted whether the person pictured was doing things like making a duck face or looking at the camera.

Results showed that those who made a duck face were more likely to be neurotic, which means they tend to be anxious and moody.

The researchers also asked 107 university students to look at the photos and draw inferences about the people's personalities.

As it turns out, the students assumed that those making a duck face were less conscientious, or less organized and hardworking — though the researchers didn't find any evidence of that link.

So, to summarize: Online daters think duck face is hot; college students think duck face means you're a slacker; and scientists think duck face means you're emotionally unstable.

It's hard to draw a general conclusion from these findings. What do you think about duck lip selfies?