They are closing in on Trump now, watch for Trump to try to fire Mueller to suppress the truth. It's the start of Trump's downfall. Tick, tock!

They are checking Trump's finances, something that Trump has tried to suppress. Hopefully, his tax returns will finally be subpoenaed and the truth will come out.

WSJ: Mueller impanels Russia probe grand juryThe Wall Street Journal reports special counsel Robert Mueller is impaneling a grand jury to investigate Russia's interference in the 2016 election.
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He was always connected to the mafia when he had his casino in New Jersey....Trump is the biggest crook we have ever seen, and it's a shame he fooled people into voting for him. I feel very sorry for some who still have their blinders on when it comes to Trump, but they will soon find out that what we've been saying all along is true.

The Congress is enacting a law to prevent Trump from firing Mueller. Even the Republicans are wary of Trump and what he will TRY to do. Hopefully, they will tie his hands so tight he won't be able to mess with the Russians again.

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