What is the most important lesson kids need to learn as soon as possible?

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"Don't say things to make others look bad in order to make you feel better about yourself. It will only show everyone what a fool you are. If you want to feel good about yourself do what makes you feel good in your heart." That's top priority in a child's grooming right there.

Parents need to assign chores. Some to earn an allowance, some just because they live at home.
That lesson....nothing but love comes free.

Find an adult or many to be a mentor, it's what I did.

Don't assume all adults are right just because they're older or are your parents, but then don't assume they're all wrong just because the last one you spoke to sounded crazy.

Find someone older that you respect and who you can communicate with and try and learn from their wisdom and mistakes.

How to behave then everything else comes easy.

Never get your hands dirty, when sniffing wood glue.

Learning how to listen when spoken to is number one on the list of helping children get to be amazing adults.

What to do with their adult life because if you become an adult with no skill or vocation you're fucked and nothing will become of you

That our world could change at any given second so appreciate what you have with all your heart cuz it could soon be gone, or drastically altered...

Strangers don't think they are cute and strangers don't think their loud obnoxious behavior is "OK".

Not everyone in this world is your friend nor do they have any desire to be your friend. This is a lesson that should be learned at the exact point where your child is about to become an adult because it will take away their childhood and their innocence.

As for the guy who says "shut up and do what you are told." I could not disagree more. Children should be taught to be independent and seek knowledge for themselves as soon as possible. They should never learn that they have to do something just because somebody else wants them to. They should always ask why somebody wants them to do something.

That they are responsible for everything they say and do.

Shut up and do what you are told. Kids now are getting too much to say- my parents told me what was going to happen, they didn't ask my opinion.