A Real Life, Feel Good Story

The lovely Mrs. Budwick had just completed her last delivery for Meals On Wheels and was headed back to the church to return their cooler. As Mrs. Budwick approached a stop light she noticed a puppy running in the middle of the road. As she got closer, the pup veered to the side of the road where a telephone service truck was parked. The pup got up on his two hind legs with his two front paws on the side of the truck. Mrs. Budwick came up along side of the truck, opened her passenger side window and called out to the man in the truck, "Is that your dog?". The serviceman replied, "No, he's been here a couple times trying to get in my truck."

Mrs. Budwick replied, "Well, he can get in with me!"

Mrs. Budwick opened the door and the pup came bounding into the car, promptly found a place to sit on her lap and began to greet her with puppy kisses and a wagging tail. The pup was so wiggly, she wasn't able to grab the dog tags and see what kind of identification he had. The serviceman had crawled out of his truck and offered to help read the tags while Mrs. Budwick retrieved the small stainless steel bowl from under her seat and opened a bottle of water to pour into the bowl. [Rescuing strays is not uncommon for Mrs. Budwick - she is always prepared.]

The service man read the dogs name and address printed on the tags and said, "This address is pretty close. Turn right here, go north three streets make another right. The address should be on the left, about halfway down the block." Mrs. Budwick thanked the serviceman and tried to get the pup settled in for a short drive. The pup would have none of that! He was happy to be on her lap, giving her thankful kisses.

A few minutes later Mrs. Budwick and the puppy were nearing the address the serviceman had read to her. She saw a boy maybe 8 - 9 years old squatting on the sidewalk with his hands on his head. As she got closer, she could see the boy was sobbing, in great distress. Mrs. Budwick pulled up near the boy and called out to him, "Did you lose your dog?" The boy lifted his eyes, red and full of tears. He saw his dog as it leaped from the window into the his arms.

There were more tears, this time tears of relief and joy. All the boy could say between his emotional breaths was, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Mrs. Budwick spoke to the boy and told him was smart to have put his home address on the tags. She wished the boy and his pup a good day, and drove on back to the church.