Something you always think “what if…” about:

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What if I hadn't been born?

What if all this is actually someone's dream and sleep is when they are awake?

Always no, but once I was invited to stay over by the girl I had sort of a crush on in high school. I said no, I was such a coward that the only thing I could think of is what would grandma think if I didn't come home and I knew she wouldn't let me stay over even if I lied who im staying over in.

Indeed I asked myself many times what if I had said yes and went to sleep over at my crush's home, I must have been crazy to refuse.

I really hoped for a second chance but it was a emotion triggered spontaneous question that I gave a horrible answer to.

What if we're sims being controlled by a larger player

What if I wouldn't have screwed up summer for me and my bf... :,(