This is....... My opinion...

People are different.
Different ideals, cultures, races, genders, countries, faiths/or lack thereof, tastes, etc. That certainly makes for contention. But....hatred? I have never been on this type of social network. Only have facebook to keep an eye on a nephew. I came here to shout about the election of mr trump. I posted my outrage. Now my outrage is at the idea that people still are behind him. Used to be, we expected more from our potus. A scandaless life, for one. Anyone remember that is was a thing if a nominee smoked weed....ever? Another thing that would be expected was having experience in public service. Some kind of evidence that person worked for the betterment of his/her fellow american/human. I find it abhorent that a man like trump could be tolerated just as long as he isnt a democrat. Or is it, just because he isnt black or a woman? If any democrat was in office, this behavior would not be tolerated. The house and senate would be making their move and the right leaning public would be screaming for blood. I find that hypocritical. Im sorry, but it is. But, some, here, think im stupid for believing that. Ive been called many things, here. Ive put up with it, thinking i could learn some things. I have. I have learned that there are alot of hateful people. Folks that pick a side and put everyone else in sorted boxes. That is too bad. You would think that being able talk to many different people and learn about so many differing views, that it would open minds. Instead it emboldens people to be mean. No empathy. Again....too bad.