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People are different.
Different ideals, cultures, races, genders, countries, faiths/or lack thereof, tastes, etc. That certainly makes for contention. But....hatred? I have never been on this type of social network. Only have facebook to keep an eye on a nephew. I came here to shout about the election of mr trump. I posted my outrage. Now my outrage is at the idea that people still are behind him. Used to be, we expected more from our potus. A scandaless life, for one. Anyone remember that is was a thing if a nominee smoked weed....ever? Another thing that would be expected was having experience in public service. Some kind of evidence that person worked for the betterment of his/her fellow american/human. I find it abhorent that a man like trump could be tolerated just as long as he isnt a democrat. Or is it, just because he isnt black or a woman? If any democrat was in office, this behavior would not be tolerated. The house and senate would be making their move and the right leaning public would be screaming for blood. I find that hypocritical. Im sorry, but it is. But, some, here, think im stupid for believing that. Ive been called many things, here. Ive put up with it, thinking i could learn some things. I have. I have learned that there are alot of hateful people. Folks that pick a side and put everyone else in sorted boxes. That is too bad. You would think that being able talk to many different people and learn about so many differing views, that it would open minds. Instead it emboldens people to be mean. No empathy. Again....too bad.

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Thanks, linn...

Also, get rid of that sentiment of "we people", what is done has been done. You can complain about stuff, just don't be as bad as the other half. I don' t understand you, Americans, apparently you are much better persons than people of the old country. We deal with stuff like Global Warming and Global Debt. You are fucking all Trump this/Trump that/Trump having sex with a vacuum cleaner. STOP. Be a fucking reasonable person. He/his hair was elected. Live with it and stop the bloody complaining bit.

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Calling for or perpetrating violence against others for differing opinions, values, ideals is wrong. I yelled that from the beginning of my time here.
Calling for trumps death is despicable. And hypocritical. And is or used to be a violation of federal law.
And...i am so with you on the choices we were left with that brought us here. And i do not hate mr trump. I just think the right could have done much better. So could the left.
There is no longer a reason for me to think about what is going on with the mess we are left with. I can do nothing about it. I can only go about my life in the manner i think is right.

I agree with you Carla, we expect our president to have integrity, intelligence, care for humanity, truthful, but Donald Trump has none of those qualities, he's for himself and his family only. He lies all the time, and no one can dispute that.

I don't hate the man, I hate what he's doing to our country, He encouraged violence at his campaign, his disrespect for women, all the lies he tells day in and day out, all the chaos that's going on in the White House. His conflicts of interest, making money off of the office, and he's a racist. A president is a president for ALL people, not just for his base. He seems to have forgotten that he is president and the campaign is over....too bad he can't act like a president.... instead of tweeting nonsense all the time about things that don't matter. Even disrespecting the Boy Scouts and law enforcement. What kind of a president does that....right....Donald Trump.

We all want our presidents to succeed but there is just no hope for Donald Trump to change his ways..... I'm also surprised that there are still some people who are still believing his lies..... evidently they still have their blinders on.

I'm just hoping that the investigations will soon prove what a crook he really is and Congress will impeach him or he will resign.

Why did you write that stuff. I agreed with you, before reading all that.

I said on my profile that I won't get into a political discussion, so this is my GENERAL opinion in reference to the tone of this post. You are "outraged" that people still are behind the POTUS. Some of those people are haters. OK...

Let's play substitute a word.

"Now my outrage is at the idea that that people still are behind against him".

Does that one word substitution warrant someone's claim that YOU are a hater as well? Does it work both ways?

I don't support any politician. I'm just TRYING to make a point about double standards, which, on the internet, is even more common than hatred.
I'm pretty sure though, that my time and effort has been wasted. smile smilie

@DAKTARI I said on my profile that I won't get into a political discussion, so this is my GENERAL opinion in reference to...

And i try to understand that.....the word play. And if debated, i would explain why. And.....i would be try to be respectful during that debate.
I know this isnt your favorite thing to talk about. I appreciate your input.

You dislike Donald and you've "picked a side".... Are you now saying that is a bit much?

It's ironic that a taxi I was in today...the driver said: I don't understand why someone in Amercia hasn't assassinated him yet.

I vote...next election, i'll vote..

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