What is your state or national dish?

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I don't think we have one.

Apparently it's Roast Lamb with roast vegetables and gravy, then close second is a Meat Pie with tomato sauce or ketchup as it's known elsewhere.

Rio de Janeiro has several popular dishes and I don't think you can name one, but one that is very popular is "beef with fried potatoes", which is usually served as beef + fried potatoes + rice + bean + farofa + salad.

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There are quite a few popular, regional and national dishes:


@Marianne Some...

Out of those, I believe the only one I know is Polenta. I like it. I didn't know it was popular in Switzerland. :)

Polenta is not uncommon in Brazil, and we call it "angu", or sometimes "fubá" (actually, "fubá" is the name of the flour used to make it - it's a flour made out of corn - but we sometimes use this name for the dish).

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We also have "pamonha", which is very similar.

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Labatt's beer?

Mämmi? I doubt that would do... Then again...


In our area it's pork and sauerkraut. You get used to it and then you really like it.

Toss up between Tex-Mex and BBQ here in Texas.

I'd say probably tater tot hotdish


I live in Canada.

Poutine (It is the national dish)
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Caesar Cocktail (Canada’s national cocktail)
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I live in the Province of Saskatchewan.

Not sure if i call it a 'Provincial Dish' but it is a traditional one of Canada.

Saskatoon Berry Pie

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