Is a friendship worth having if it is predicated on agreement?

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Definitely not if the only thing keeping you friends is similar opinion, it sounds like such people will lash the fuck out on you the moment you don't repeat the same as them like a parrot. Friends are much more than that, the very least a friend will disagree and not try to blow your head off.

I disagree with you on many things but that doesn't mean I don't like you or don't want to be your friend.

Yes because everything ends up being a contract, informal or otherwise

Like for a friendship, there may be a verbal agreement to go the public bathroom together or drive the get away car

I have disagreements with my friends all the time, and most of them are still friends, but there's always that one person who gets his panties in a knot and goes bonkers..... oh well, a friendship like that isn't worth keeping.

@Carla no

Yet it seems to be that some ppl agree with each other a lot on line....

In John's case, I have come to the conclusion.


He is a prick, but so am I. We just need to figure out, what to do with the fact.

I wouldn't think so.

I will never agree with someone just to keep a friendship. I value the differences I have among friends. It is what makes us unique individuals. If we agree fantastic if we disagree fantastic.

If someone stops being my friend because I won't be their "Yes" person then they really wasn't my friend to start with. Just my honest opinion.


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