Trump is on his 17 day vacation. Does it need to be 17 days?

Image for post Trump is on his 17 day vacation. Does it need to be 17 days?
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As usual Trump has put his foot in his mouth again. lol No vacations, Mr. Trump, what do you call the next 17 days. hehe smiliehehe smiliehehe smiliehehe smiliehehe smiliehehe smilie

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No, it come be 20 or 25, just to bug you more hehe smilie JK

Since he and the West Wing Staff had to evacuate the West Wing so HVAC replacement could be done, I would call it a change of work site. Sure, he may take some time off during the 2 work weeks they are in NJ, but many of his staff have gone with him, or are working from home.

I'll also remind you that this was scheduled for LAST summer, but Obama had it postponed until the new administration (at the time he thought it would be Hillary) took office.

You, the press and the liberal idiots are making too much of this. Maybe we should be going after Congress for taking a 5 week vacation instead of working the healthcare, the budget, taxes, infrastructure planning, etc. I wonder how many of them are going to be playing golf while receiving the paychecks. Remember, the President takes $1.00 (by law) a quarter and donates the rest!

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Amazing that you include G-20 trip in there. And if some on the left weren't calling for the hanging, murder, etc. of President Trump, his wife, his children and grandchildren, maybe the SS costs wouldn't be so much! And let's not forget the many vacations the Obamas took and the cost of SS for those!

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Give it up! None of the Trumps are receiving pay from the Taxpayers; Secret Service protection is provided to the President and his family. If they travel, then SS goes with them. Remember SS went on all the trips the Obamas took, to outings (including concerts where the girls were caught smoking weed) with the daughters (including concerts and overseas trips with their friends). Their jaunts to Hawaii cost the government lots in housing SS agents and the 'traveling' members of his WH staff.

By your comments you apparently want the Trumps to either stop traveling OR withdraw their SS protection.

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I don't recall you or the left demanding that Obama and family use Camp David rather than traveling to Hawaii for vacations. Or how about the trips to Africa? Nor do I recall any of you or the left condemning Obama for making money off the Presidency (like writing books and book sales). Nor do I hear one person on the left condemning the Clinton family (Bill, Hill, and family) going on vacation to Canada with SS in tow. Or how about Malia Obama at Lollapalooza with SS in tow. Isn't all that 'stealing' from the taxpayers, if you use your way of thinking.

And if you are worried about Trump stealing the taxpayers blind, what about Obama giving Iran $11.9 BILLION to Iran WITHOUT Congress' approval? Where did that money come from since CONGRESS appropriates funding and NEVER appropriated that money. Which agency or agencies were robbed. THAT was taxpayer money!

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Weekends away from the White House is NOT are vacation days. If that's the case, if you get weekends off from your job, they should be counted as vacation days. So, the 'more vacation days' is bunk! And the FORCED exit of the WH due to renovations (that were due last summer but Obama delayed) should not be viewed as 17 days vacation, because as we've seen, President Trump HAS been working!

If Trump's adult children should not have SS protection, then neither should Obama's or Clinton's now as they are all over 16, but all 3 still have security paid for by the taxpayer and NOT themselves or their parents.

"Of Thee I Sing" was published while in office (2010). Did you raise a ruckus over Bush receiving income from his Texas ranch while in office? As for Trump, I could care less if his properties earn money or not. He had those properties when he ran for office and when elected. And Trump does not get personally paid any room fees, they go to the business. And I bet they fees for rooms used by the SS aren't any higher than those in Hawaii or Martha's vineyard, both vacation spots of the Obama's during high seasons.

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Got it?

Says the idiot who probably loved the fact Obama spent half his days in office golfing

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