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Those 195 days (through Aug 3), 56 days were weekends and do NOT include Federal Holidays. I'll also note that the majority of the time he spent 'vactioning' he was actually working. As for the '17 days vacation,' this is due to be litterly being kicked out of the White House while the HVAC system in the West Wing is being replaced. This was scheduled for last year, but Obama delayed the repair to the 'new administration' (which he assumed at the time would be Hillary). Knowing Trumps work habits, I bet he'll be working most week days and, if he plays golf, like many other executives, it will be 'working rounds.'

Can a president work from home?

The truth comes out even from foreign leaders. lol Trump only wanted to be president because it was something he had never had. Now that he is president, he has no clue to be one. He's running a dysfunctional administration and it's not going to get any better.

I'm sure Trump will be tweeting his little fingers off when he reads what the Mexican ex-president said about him. hehe smiliehehe smilie

Hey McFly, wait till the haters see this, they'll be all over this post. lol They can't stand the truth. lol

Certainly he's considered president! It doesn't matter where he does all these amazing things for the benefit of America! Trump has done more good in the 6-7 months he's been president than Obama did in 8 years!

I always thought he was more of a steampunk character, building secret weapons in his shed. Apparently I was correct.

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lol bet you turned a blind eye when obama did it