Do you think tv commercials should have a limit to how many times the same one can be played in its lifetime? It starts to feel insulting to our intelligence, like if we haven't bought it after seeing the commercial ten zillion times, we might not want it; so quit shoving it down our throats?! What do you think😁??

58% Yes limit them! 12% No, I love repetition. 31% Other
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They should have more otters in telly commercials.

There should be a limit of just once :)... and why do the worst and most annoying ones get shown the most? and why are they always louder than the show that they are on with?

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I lean more towards hating the fact that some networks have taken a two hour movie, cut it down to one and a half hours, and then added so many commercials, that it takes 3 hours to show it.

Once a day/ for about a month.

What really drives me crazy is the number of times one plays during one program. I actually see them repeat themselves back-to-back. When I was a kid, each radio or television program had only one sponsor each, and the commercials were often part of the show .... we didn't know how lucky we were!
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I agree. Like those Trivago commercials. There ought to be a law.

The Geico ones are just plain bad. They are on all the time.

TV can do whatever they want, it's not like anyone is watching because it'll be out of business in some years with Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services becoming more popular.

I think the limit should be how many times they can be played repeated during a certain time frame on the same channel.

Maybe your only allowed to play a commercial for a certain product once per hour on that channel, unless the commercial are clearly different.

I don't think there should be an overall limit on commercials because honestly I miss the old days when commercials were funny and you might just task to someone about them... but I'm guessing some research found annoying us sticks with people memories more and they stopped funny and have gone with annoying.

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No Way! If there was a limit on number of times, then I wouldn't see my favorite commercials again! That's one-a spicy-a meatball-a!

If there was a limit, then how would we be able to watch the Super Bowl Best Commercials again? Bummer!

I hate commercials with an absolute passion. It would be easier to deal with if every single show did not go to commercial at the same time. Especially when both channels are playing the same commercial.

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No matter how many times they show a commercial, it won't help me determine if I want a product. Seeing paid actors use a product and tell me how great it is does nothing for me. You could pay someone to tell you how great drinking gasoline is, but that doesn't mean it would influence me to fucking do it. Show them ten, twenty, thirty times in a row! Advertisers still haven't gotten that no one cares about their dopey commercials. The only thing that matters is if their product actually works well. Make some high quality products and you will make advertisers out of ordinary people!

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