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I have beautiful children. And I'm no celebrity.

Mila kunis and jim morrison

@Carla Mila kunis and jim morrison

Kutcher who's she's actually married to is fine too. It's actually good, I pictured them together ever since I watched That 70's show, one of my favorite series.

@Carla Mila kunis and jim morrison

Hard to get that done when jim is dead. I know nothing of mia. OH well.

I don't know about most beautiful, beauty is subjective to some measure but they best would be from people with diverse genetic background. Many genes are either dominant or recessive, so it's assumed that the dominant genes are the best ones, and a genetic diversity gives a bigged gene pool. Other genes are ether mixing together make something new or are based on amount like complexion intensity, or one gene denies the appearance of another and so forth.

I can't seem to find a picture Kate Hudson so pretty and blonde with owen wilson so interesting looking and blonde will be my vote They would have beautiful children. possibly

Our children would have your hair and my teeth, honeybunny.

@ZonkeyBalls Our children would have your hair and my teeth, honeybunny.

OH no . My teeth are perfect never needed braces - but know what lately my jaw is becoming as double jointed as the rest of me, thus causing me to gnash my incisors when i am not paying attention ouch!

Elvis and Cindy Crawford

Jaxxis avatar Jaxxi These people link please 0Reply
@Jaxxi Elvis and Cindy Crawford

Ah that would be good. Too bad Elvis never had a son to continue his music style. Elvis just died too soon. sad smilie

me and jake gyllenhaal..

no ulterior motives here

I get told to "Go fuck yourself" quite often, I figure that this means me having my own children, lots of people seem to agree.

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