What Is More Irrelevant - Colin Kaepernick's Career? Or, His Ability?

You might remember Colin Kaepernick, the NFL 49er's QB that made headlines by disgracing himself - kneeling during the national anthem. The San Francisco 49ers didn't offer to renew his gig as a mediocre QB, and no one else has clamored to add the loser to their team either. Poor, POOR Colin Kaepernick.

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I promise - I will send him detailed directions.


Take that worthless fuck, please. He doesn't love the US anyway.

It doesn't matter. He showed that he has no respect for our nation,police, servicemen and women..... Team owners are not obliged to hire him and why would they? To disrupt the team?

He had his 15 minutes of fame. From the whining about no team wanting to sign him, it's obviously he has never had to deal with consequences.

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The hair says it all. Do you think it's a competitive advantage to have a massive 'fro? Hair acts as insulation when you pack it into a helmet, so he will get overheated more easily than he would if he had very short hair. So what's more important to Colin Kaepernick, being the very best he can be at football, or maintaining his image?

It's a highly competitive game, if you're not singularly focused on winning, you don't have a prayer, because you can rest assured there are dozens of other guys who are singularly focused on winning, and they're gunning for your spot, always.

Is that pubic hair on his head?

@ZonkeyBalls Is that pubic hair on his head?

It may be. After all, he is a big dick head.

Johnny Manzeil has a better chance of being picked up before that idiot..

One things for sure, he now has a lot of time on his hands...to help the "oppressed".

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Why are we wasting any more time on this ungrateful POS? With his start in life, he is one who shouldn't be trying to create more problems in that area.