I am so sorry. Please forgive me.

To everyone who was involved in this weekends fiasco...and then some...

Image for post **I am so sorry. Please forgive me.**
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What's the issue? You are always weird, but then again, that's why we love you, Kas.

Ummmm..... Sukie, what's going out, what are you sorry about what's this about?

As it's pouring out...so are my tears coming down...falling like the rain.

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I've been PMing her...

What else can I do?

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What are you saying Semple?

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You mean Markymark. Some ppl have made mistakes online...and that is for all to see. Not just Marky.

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Some people will. And if shit is out there...why not?

Personally I can't be bothered.

Don't cry, please.
Please, don't worry about what you said to me. I'm not upset with it. It really wasn't a big deal. I didn't feel like it was an "insult" or an "offense". Seriously, it takes a lot more than that to insult me. So, don't worry about it. And don't cry, please.
I really hope you are able to work it out with all the people that you care about.

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Who is sideways? Not me.

I'm just calming down ppl who are upset on my post.

Thank you for responding.

WTH??? Who did you insult now? biggrin smilie