Is Canada's state broadcaster, the CBC, a Propaganda Tool?

This morning I woke up to the CBC news. They said the Trump administration is in a dispute with Chicago over the city's "protection of immigrants," no mention whatsoever that the so called immigrants are in fact foreigners who are in the country without permission. Nope, according to the CBC, they're just immigrants. Is that news or propaganda? Do you think their motive was purely to inform the Canadian public? Or was their motive to MANIPULATE us? And if the state broadcaster's motive is political manipulation of the public, are they a threat to our democracy?

Is the CBC a Propaganda Tool?I take a look at how the Liberal of Party may be using the CBC as a propaganda wing of our government. Please "share" this video as much as possible, we need...
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I don't know anything about Canadian news media - but if they're like US media - they have an agenda. They are scared to death of Trump. He's an outsider that knows how to get stuff done, stands up firmly against BS artists like the media. Trump is a threat to the elitist establishment. He is giving the average person a loud voice in the world and ever growing numbers love him. US media is becoming more and more irrelevant. It kind of stands to reason that 'foreign' press would begin joining the anti-Trump chorus.

@Budwick I don't know anything about Canadian news media - but if they're like US media - they have an agenda. They are...

They've been hating Trump since the moment he threw his hat in the ring. In fact, their election coverage was so one sided that anyone relying on the CBC for news would have been completely blindsided by his victory. They absolutely never told the other side of the story.

According to the CBC, Clinton was "the most qualified candidate ever to seek the presidency" with no mention of any scandals, whereas Trump was "an assclown". Yes, they actually did a whole piece on how Trump's personality was half asshole, half clown. And they endlessly banged on about every criticism of him.

To this day, they never have anything nice to say about Trump. In fact, in the same news broadcast I heard this morning they were using him as an example in a story about how people are willing to accept lies from politicians they agree with.

@Maze Worse, my tax money pays for the CBC.

Really? OMG - That IS bad! CBC is government funded news? I assume you have other news that are self supporting though. right?

@Budwick Really? OMG - That IS bad! CBC is government funded news? I assume you have other news that are self supporting...

Well, in terms of what's available on my radio, there are 2 commercial stations focused on music, they use Global News, and there is the CBC.

Global is owned by Corus Entertainment — the media holdings of JR Shaw and other members of his family.

Billionaire cable TV mogul JR Shaw was the most generously compensated executive in Calgary in fiscal 2014, capturing the pole position of plenty in the Herald’s annual survey of publicly traded firms thanks to $17.9 million in total compensation.

Lets look at some of today's headlines on Global...

Montreal opens another temporary shelter for asylum seekers

between 250 and 300 people are arriving daily at the Canadian border, up from 50 a day in the first half of July

“Our country is helping people from a place that’s very hard,” said Carlos Escobar, a maintenance worker in the building.
“I’m really up for it. I hope they get a better future here in Quebec.”

Trump’s silence on Minnesota mosque bombing draws criticism

U.S. acting like a ‘naughty, spoiled child’ over North Korea: Russian minister

Trump Organization company applies for new trademarks in Macau

Donald Trump being ignored by own administration, as top officials contradict president

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You know how they say socialist systems gradually descend into tyranny? Our state broadcaster shows obvious signs of extreme political bias, that is A REALLY BAD SIGN. Frankly, it's terrifying.

Isn't all media espousing propaganda.

@Sukiesnow Isn't all media espousing propaganda.

All mainstream media, yes. But there's only one news outlet that I'm forced to pay for with my tax money.

Why is CBC so biased?

CBC Audience Services
Updated 3 hours ago

It is the duty of CBC News to inform its viewers across the country about what is happening, without bias or prejudice, and without telling them what to think. We believe that it is our obligation to report fairly and truthfully.

Our reporting will not necessarily please everyone, but our audience does have a right to expect that we will be straightforward and honest.

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So if you read their response carefully, they say they have a duty and an obligation to report the news without bias or prejudice, and that their audience has a right to expect them to be straightforward and honest, but they never actually said that's what they do. And they never actually answered the question of why they are so biased, which they clearly are.

They all are, it's the nature of broadcasting. If you take money from the advertisers, then you are fucked. If you are a public service, you are fucked as well. It doesn't matter what country is in question, nor the nature of the channel. That's where the Hinternet and whistle-blowers come in. Having an inside man isn't just a sexual reference. ;o) ;o) The information flow has changed during the last quarter of the century.

I'm not afraid of Trump - I think he is a gigglefest, but that's just one stupid Finn voicing his insignificant opinion. Bears are worse, some of them have antlers. Also, we had a huge SNAFU just a few days ago here in Finland, when some of the confidential messages went to a wrong address, during the visit of Mr Putin. A simple mistake with typing and we had a huge leak, thanks to the Microsoft based comm system, that doesn't do any fail-safe checking...

As is the BBC in the UK and PBS in the US.

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