What is something in this world you want to see go away, but doubt it will any time soon?

Image for post What is something in this world you want to see go away, but doubt it will any time soon?
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The fat around my mid-section.

terrorism.. and those who promote and conduct it.

Terrorism and wars, talibans, al quaida, ISIS there will always be something new and worse


The lack of sympathy/empathy and rise of apathy.

That's a loaded question. I have a big list, but it can be concentrated to: lack of empathy.

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Sadly, yup, I've noticed.

Racism, sexism, classism, ableism. Really just discrimination and bigotry in general.

@Trish Racism, sexism, classism, ableism. Really just discrimination and bigotry in general.

except if its against white people right? unless its against men right? classism? even in the most communist countries their are classes, even if just two: the filthy rich government, and the filthy poor rest of the country. what exactly do you mean by ableism? liberals are the worst for being ableist, liberals discriminate against unborn baby to the point of MURDERING THEM! and if they might have a deformity then liberals are even faster to support killing them. by the definition of ableism anyone who supports abortion are ABLEISTS!
what is your opinion on discrimination and bigotry? yeah its wrong, but with how liberals now a days throws these words around at anyone who disagrees with them, to me those words no longer have any weight, substance of much meaning

@Trish I have no words. I'm unsure where you come up with this stuff.

fact and logic that is where! you liberals claim to be so tolerant all all for human rights, well i say BS! if you truly cared to be tolerant and for human rights you would oppose murdering babies PERIOD!

@Trish I oppose murdering babies. I don't oppose abortion.

special kind of stupid ain;t ya? stop being an ageist, and an ableist! a baby is human and alive from day one of conseption, to support abortion is NO DIFFERENT then supporting murder of older people, age does NOT define a person/human being. and before you go on about law, slavery was LEGAL jew genocide was LEGAL, and so was aboriginal genocide, all these people where not people under the law remember??!!?!?? you liberals are yet again doing the same thing as before, only with different people.

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but antifa violence (which has been happening since even before the election} is ok? BLM violence which has been happening for a few years now is ok? its only wrong when white supremacists do it? typical one sided liberal


Guru meditation errors.

Political Psychosis

Hay fever

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Lol it's horrible this time of year, it goes on for nearly three months and I constantly feel like I have drunk cheap red wine the night before eek smilie

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Oo sorry to hear that. My main problem apart from feeling lethargic and light headed is that I struggle to focus and concentrate so it can really affect my work and there are times when driving doesn't feel safe. I don't get the sneezing like most people do so that's the upside :). Yes it does give you an excuse hehe smilie

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Oo I had to google that word to see what it meant... but I feel exactly the same way from my allergy, so I do worry about my job performance as people often think I am apathetic or being lazy etc. If it's a bad season it also gives me bouts of irregular heart beat which feels really bad. I might put a sign up on my desk during spring saying, "Currently undergoing a period of discombobulation.... come back in summer" There needs to be a book called, discombobulation for dummys... with a special chapter on allergies that discombobulate biggrin smilie

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You are right! :)... but right at this moment I'm having fun at work discombobulating everyone. I think I'm going to use that word a lot in meetings too! like "i'm sorry I just can't continue with this project due to the level of discombobulation that i've been getting" hehe smilie

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Good one. Maybe they will get themselves put down soon, Just heard on the news they shot over japan. What will it take for china to say enough! and just blow them away?


War, Hunger, and Ignorance! Image in content

Green beans

"Road Works" signs. Because it is quite obvious they don't. What is worse is "Road Works 10km" signs, what the flying squirrel fuck does it do after that?

Muslim apologists who are not actually Muslims themselves


@DandyDon Mosquitos..

likes your comment while scratching the mosquito bite

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Why no more extermination? This seems more important now mosquitos kill with a bite now.


That crap they ride down the street spraying is gravy...lol

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Gay pride

@Anonymousmouse Gay pride

Why that? All they do is have parades and such. Pride in being gay is rather odd.

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