Have you ever had an Angelic visitation?

Image for post Have you ever had an Angelic visitation?
33% Yes 67% No 0% Other
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He was a grey Japanese chap in his sixties. Guided me to the correct direction at the Frankfurt Airport. Didn't notice the wings, though, but perhaps they were clip-ons.

Not that I was aware, but I do believe in angels.

Almost.... back in college.... but she was drunk and discovered she was in the wrong bedroom too soon.

It was fallen angelic, but yes

It was fallen angelic, but yes

None that I'm consciously aware of. I'd love to, though.

Yes I have. 3 men came to visit me once while I was sleeping. One was an angel (as I would recognize)...the other two were small elderly men. They were discussing my well-being at the time, what to do with me.

Even now I can still see them.

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One was an angel...I believe the other 2 were spirit guides. I couldn't say the whole story without mentioning everyone.

I'm atheist ;)

No, but I have been visited by Grey aliens as well as former President Jimmy Carter!

Even though I wish it would happen, I usually talk to the BOSS not the lesser spirits.

I haven't..

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