Royal Dutch Airlines pro-LGBT message

The Dutch Airlines tweet shows three belts, with the top representing a lesbian couple, the middle a gay couple and the bottom a heterosexual couple, but the top two belts won’t fasten at all.

“In the event of an crash only one of those seatbelt combinations is going to result in saving the human race,” one anon said.

It was suggested that whoever made the image was subtlety advocating traditional marriage.

“Based KLM demonstrating the natural law understanding of sex and marriage. Gay marriage is nonfunctional as a social good because it’s incapable of producing offspring,” a more conservative anon stated.

Or maybe the graphic designer is just clueless.

“We’ve got to the point where you literally can’t tell if they’re putting not so hidden messages in their propaganda as resistance or are simply this retarded,” another anon pointed out.

Regardless of your stance on the LGBT movement, the tweet is a reminder of how the political-corporate class keeps force-feeding various social justice movements to the public instead of allowing such movements to gain organic acceptance.

If the movement is worthy of public support, it will ultimately gain acceptance in the free market of ideas. Some may take longer than others, but throughout history there’s always been a trend in which a movement once deemed “unacceptable” is now completely kosher, or vice versa.

The point is, when a movement is force-fed to the public, it’s usually because there’s a puppet master exploiting it to advance another, sinister agenda beyond the scope of the movement.

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Get with the program Bud. Gay is here to stay.

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA someone tries to do something nice for gay people and someone STILL finds a way to view this as offensive lmfao!
Social justice warriors never cease to amaze me!

But that's the way it actually is, it perfectly represents gays because the only peculiar thing about being gay is that you have 2 of the same rather than the complementing opposites.

Lol silly goose

This leaves out bisexual people.

i dont think its because they support lgbt, maybe its because they thought it looked cool. also the rainbow isnt reserved only for the lgbt community.

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