Do you think all cops are racist because some of them are gunning down people on the street? Not just brown people like me, white people too or other races. I don't. What about you?

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Of course not. The actions of some in a group doesn't define the actions of all. There is racists in the Police force, but that's not all of them.

No I don't. In fact in my area a cop went to rescue an accident victim, whose car was overturned, and instead the driver of that vehicle, shot and killed that cop.

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I live in the States, the cop that was killed was male, white, went to help an accident victim who was a white male, who shot the cop while he was still in the car.

Of course not. Even without the exposure of some downright racist cops though, it stands to reason that many have been and are. They are just people with a badge after all, and I know for sure that many people are, indeed, actual "racists".

It's just weird how little it takes for a cop in the US to pull a gun on you, then again it's not fair to judge all based on a few.

All cops are not racist. Most cops just don't have enough training on when it's appropriate to gun someone down. In a lot of the cases you hear in the media, it was the cop's first line of defense. Why? They have pepper spray, batons, tasers, and many hours of self defense training. They should be using those first.

No not all but some. The kkk does actively try to infiltrate power structures like the police. It's important that we do find the racists in power and get rid of them.

No, not all cops are racist. Of course the left wing media would like you to think so. That's why whenever there is a shooting by a police officer, especially if the officer shot a black person, the media will often fan the flames of racial dischord by publishing a story before all the facts are in.

I've had to deal with cops 4 or 5 times in my life, never had any problems..

99% of problems with cops, starts with the person having an attitude and being a smart ass with the cop..

Do what the cop says...if you start off arguing or saying "Do you know who i am" or saying "I know my rights" and refuse to do something as simple as showing your I.D.... It's probably not going to end good for you..

Cops have to risk their lives everyday...they just want to do their jobs and go home to their families..

Some people just can't get it through their heads, they don't have time to put up with argumentative, non complying dumb asses..that might want to kill them, for all they know..

cops shoot white people just the same, so lets cut the crap about race. cops are often simply put power tripping arseholes who don;t know how to use a gun safely

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