The War on Drugs has completely backfired. http://www.brucekalexander.com/articles-speeches/rat-park/148-addiction-the-view-from-rat-park This study shows how moving rats from isolated cages to large cages where they can play with each other changes how they are addicted to drugs. To sum this up, into a short internet post, basically, humans need connection. When humans don't feel connected, they will bond with something else. Perhaps it is constantly checking social media, pornography, or maybe it's drugs or alcohol. What I'm trying to get across is that if you want to stop people from doing drugs, they have to be connected to other human beings. Instead, we cast them out from society and make it even more difficult for them to become stable, and put them into literal cages. So if we want to stop addiction, we need to change the unnatural way we live and reconnect with each other.