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I see a douche bag on Amirite all the time that fits those descriptions perfectly! I can not mention his name but, it rhymes with McLie.

Fits Trump to a "T". Beware Americans, the beast is on the rampage again with his threats against North Korea.

-"disdain for human rights" when was the last time liberals fought for the human babies human rights? they disdain their rights. and feminists? when have they fought for women's rights in muslim countries??? instead of drule over how great muslims are

-liberals blaming white people for all the worlds problems sure seems like identifying an enemy as a unifying cause

-supremacy of military? obama increased drone attacks in the middle east, as well as increased drone surveillance on US citizens, Obama dropped more bombs on the middle east then any other president before him.

-rampant sexism? pay attention to modern day feminists you will see sexism galore

-controlled mass media? yeah liberals control the majority of media.

-Obama obsessed over national security just as much as anyone else did.

-religion is NOT required to be a fascist, and besides, when liberal government shuts down a christian business for not selling to gays, that is government getting involved in religion.

-corporate power protected, ah yes, i remember all the bailouts Obama gave to massive corporations, also liberal policies pretty much allow for only big corporations to operate.

-labor power surpressed, liberals are the best at destroying labor

-what i smeant by intellectuals? hardly any of them are found to be liberals.

-obsession with crime and punishment? HA! what is that supposed to mean, liberal antifa love to commit crimes

-rampant cronyism and corruption? yeah both sides are guilty of this, but I find liberals to be worse.

-fraudulant elections? hahahaha yeah i remember you liberals calling conservatives idiots and whatnot for saying that the elections where rigged in Hilary's favor, now you back pedling hypocrites are blaming Russia for vauting fraud, lol.

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