Why are there questions at the bottom of the screen - really old?

I get bored with seeing the same questions on the home page day after day. There is a section way ayt the bottom that has old questions

Image for post Why are there  questions at the bottom of the screen - really old?
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The people who are supposed to take care of things just mess around threatening all of us and posting their own views..instead of really working to make things work. I surely miss having platinum he was the only one really doing anything as far as I could see.

In case you don't like the new crap being posted today?

It has annoyed me for a long time, I tried to talk with the owner of amirite about it but he never got back to me.

Having that section of suggested questions is a GREAT idea... until the user realizes all the suggested questions are 6+ years old and not relevant to the present amirite and it just brings disappointment, which is completely the opposite of what you'd like.

Yes but what good is it when nobody is looking there but me? I think after 1 day questions should cycle down to the dormant level.

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