Do you have any older technology? ...most likely based on the fact that if it isn't broken...

Not ALL tech needs to be replaced...amirite?

Image for post **Do you have any older technology?** //...most likely based on the fact that if it isn't broken...//
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Yup I have it... and some of it is broken.

Two working video recorders with a third mothballed for the future, a cassette player and a Sony Walkman that attracted strange looks on the train.

I have a gameboy

@Willcooper I have a gameboy

Which kind of Gameboy is it Will? I've a couple of Gameboy Advanced SP's that look like the one below.
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I still use a land line telephone at my house. That is because I am very hard of hearing, and the voice quality of my land line phone is so much easier to me to inderstand conversation than any cell phone I have tried to use so far.

everything. I use things until they dont work

Yeah a heap of old game consoles, PCs, various music players, I've even an old portable B&W TV/radio somewhere in the house.
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