You can chat with anyone in the world, amirite? Whether they be royal or poor...it wouldn't make a difference to you...

My uncle felt he was a man of the people - and said he could always chat with anyone on equal terms...how about you?

Image for post **You can chat with anyone in the world, amirite?** //Whether they be royal or poor...it wouldn't make a difference to you...//
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I'm a shy and awkward person and generally less chatty to strangers.

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If I have something to chat about, but usually I'm very satisfied with silence and will seek it out if someone is too chatty.

Not right away, but after a few pints... yes.

I wouldn't say so, what if it's some entitled smirky rich bastard with a watch more expensive than my life

I can talk to anyone but don't always want to. I find it easier to talk to strangers than to people I know.

I wanna meet a cute princess with a cinderella dress

Yeah, sure thing, a man is a man after all. The only time I get a bit skitterish is when the person I am talking to has a shotgun pointed at me.

If they were famous, I'd probably just stand there staring at them. omg smilie
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Some of my online friends who are foreign nationals are those whom I hold most dear.

Yes, there is no such thing as a man

I wouldn't want to talk to her

I sure can...rich or poor makes not difference to me everyone puts their pants on the same way I do...well maybe not the same way as me because I tend to be in hurry and almost fall but y'all get the point


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