Do you secretly want North Korea to do something?

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No, I do not "secretly" want to see see North Korea do anything. If the dictator of that country continues to threaten other countries with their nuclear power, it will likely result in the death of countless people who just happen to live in the country of whatever dictator is the first to disdain the effort of diplomacy.

No. I want North Korea to do absolutely nothing besides getting a President instead of a Dictator.

Train new barbers

@ThePrinceofWales Train new barbers


He's got his barber stylist mesmerised with his hand on his nuts. EXample: you make one wrong move you die.

@ThePrinceofWales Train new barbers

Actually as a fact I know that Kim Jong Un is terrified of barbers and cuts his own hair, his hair is one of the 20 something government approved hairstyles.

NO, NO, NO..... that's the craziest thing I've ever heard of. No one in their right mind wants this to escalate any further. The entire world would be blown to bits if it goes nuclear.

@Sukiesnow I agree. But tension is escalating to the point that almost something is bound to happen.

I know, that's what's scary. Trump needs to shut up and tone down his rhetoric. Now he's threatening Venzueula (sp) with military action too. The man is insane.

Yes, I do hope they do something. I hope their dear leader disappears and takes anyone who thinks like him with him. Leave the people to live their own lives peacefully.

Yes I want them to sink into the sea

@TomboyJanet Yes I want them to sink into the sea

Oh, come on, that's like someone wanting every American to die if Trump screws with someone.
He's a Dictator. Even people in North Korea are afraid of him.

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Huh. Never gonna happen...but kind of you.

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It's a nice mention.

Hell no, war is bad for everybody, but the world won't stand for it if Kim Jong Un dares to do something, at this point he's just a tiny obnoxious chihuahua barking at a giant who can crush it like a bug.

No, but I do want Trump to stop playing "chicken" with that guy.

Not really. If North-Korea attacks a US base or US ally then we are on our way to a war.

North Korea has been making these threats for YEARS, but they know that if they tried anything, they'd be flattened like a bug, otherwise they'd have done something a LONG time ago.

Nope. I'd like to avoid nuclear war if possible. At this point, it may not be.

No secrets here.

No. No sane person should.

This is more of the same bullshit that got us into Afghanistan and Iraq.
We could have ended Korea's nuclear program a long time ago by ending military maneuvers in the Sea of Japan every year. Korea wants nukes for the same reason Iran does. To prevent a US invasion. As much of a nut job as Kim Jong Un is he has good reason for concern.
Trump needs to pull up his numbers and the best way to do that in the US is to bomb someone. Ramping up the bombing in the Middle East wasn't enough.
Gotta justify raising the bloated military budget and keep that corporate welfare flowing. Trump is just another puppet front man.
The US has gone to shit since the 80's and Americans seem to have developed a taste for constant war.
We can't fund food stamps or health care but we can fund mass murder and terrorism all across the globe. "In War We Lust" should be our motto.

Yup, attack the USA so she can finally disappear from the map and problems will be over.

North Korea worries me about as much as the expiration date on my loaf of raisin bread..

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