What is the kindest thing a complete stranger has ever done for you?

Image for post What is the kindest thing a complete stranger has ever done for you?
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Strangers have helped me many times.
Most recently i locked my keys in my car at a store. I was trying to get a wire hanger they had at the store worked into place. I was being frustratingly unsuccessful. Fortunately a man who happened to be a repo guy drove in and parked. He had a tool and had it opened in seconds. Wouldnt take a dime.
There are still gentlemen out there. I truly appreciate each of them.

Given me some change while I was fishing for it.... Given me a ride in a foreign country...

Once my car broke down in the middle of a brutal rainstorm at night when I was out of town alone. A man physically pushed my vehicle to an inn where I checked in (soaking wet and miserable). About a half hour later, a prepaid hot meal was delivered to my room. I never saw my rescuer again, but I'll never forget him.

I was in Miami, 6am on a five lane highway on the way to South Carolina for my brother's funeral -VietNam.
A little guy came along and helped me change the tire. He wouldn't take anything for helping and he didn't even speak English.
That would have been 1968 and I am still grateful to that guy to this day.

Helped me load my trunk with a heavy item.

Humm lots of times men stop and push a car that is stuck in too deep snow, that is the only time I can remember any strangers helping

A lady came out and helped me when my dog was hurt. She brought water from her house and wiped his mouth and face. He was an older dog and the heat became to much for him. I was very grateful for her help.

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