I have a very interesting and enlightening conversation to discuss today. It is--- why do victims of narcissists keep going back to them after breaking away. The answer is simple. It is because victims are ADDICTED to them. Professionals say it is a worse addiction than heroine. WHY are victims addicted to them? Again the answer is fairly straightforward. The narcissists has programmed the victim like a rat in a science lab. Victims are chosen because they have low esteem, without a support system, alone, and have co-dependency issues... in other words, easy targets. There are three stages. This is the process: The first stage is LOVE BOMBING. Victims are given spectacular amounts of loving, focused attention, gifts, support, care, concern, sex, texts, calls. (Just like the scientist always gives the rat a food pellet when the rat pushes the button). The goal here is to cause DEPENDENCY AND ISOLATION and it works. The victim knows this is unusual and a red flag, but they are looking for love in all the wrong places. Enter stage Two: This is the crazy making hideous stage. Continuing with the rat in the cage analogy, the scientist/Narcissists only gives love/pellets or shocks/abuse at their discretion. Love and abuse are given intermittently without the victim knowing when, where, or why . After months or years of enduring SUBTLE AND LETHAL lies, torture, demands, manipulations, crazy arguments, jealousy, lack of freedom, lack of boundaries, broken promises the victims leaves. But for most victims, they return again. (The Stockholm Syndrome). Victims are hoping for justice, vindication, apology, kindness, remedy for all the destruction. They want the dream back of their lover. Final Stage Three is when the Narcissists DISCARDS the victim like a piece of trash and moves on to new blood. Last point, WHY would a Narcissists treat another loving human being this way? Professionals call it SUPPLY from their victims. Narcissists only feel alive, wanted, powerful, and in control through their victims. They have no inner soul, compass, conscience and are totally INCAPABLE of loving. They live in a world of their own making... it is psychotic, antisocial, pathological. Sadly, they are geniuses and subtle in their endeavors to suck a victim's life blood in every way. The answer for the VICTIMS is GET HEALTHY AND GET FREE. (If interested in further info, please See excellent videos on Youtube from Melanie Tonia Evans, Teal Swan, Ross Rosenberg, and others will be listed there.)