We should abolish political parties. Representatives should stand alone, based on their own merit.

Image for post **We should abolish political parties.** //Representatives should stand alone, based on their own merit.//
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In the perfect world, democracy could work without parties.
Parties are too divisive. Many people don't join the party for what the party stands for, but for the name it carries. It's treated like a team - my team. And the ones that don't join my team are the bad guys, and there's absolutely no way that someone that loves my country would join any other party, because I'm on the "good" party.
It's like people can't simply get along. There has to be some sort of "battle" for it to be interesting.

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Haha, if they had to stand on their own merit there would be none!

Good in theory but it will never happen.I would like it to though.

We do a lot of stupid things based on tradition. But some people just can't mentally handle anything that isn't gift wrapped in a safe little box

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Okay...but we don't need Parties outside of Parliment.

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