At what extent does spreading an idea become brainwashing or propaganda?

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If there are multiple sides to choose from doesn't that mean that no one ideal is being enforced. Isnt propaganda being forced to think a certain way

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So what is the big plan then

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Is that all? What point is controlling people if you have no plan to use that control to an end?

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Well money and power are essentially tools to control. Control for the sake of control is stupid. If you have control but never use it for anything but to gain more control then what good is it. It like a god with infinite power who does nothing.

As to negative energy feeding entities and black magic I think their are more efficient way to meet those ends than politics I mean if you have magic and evil entities of great power why not take more direct methods

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Maybe but no power or money can grant happiness. Power can be a curse I know that's why I avoid it at all costs.

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The less power you have the less you can abuse it. Power must be gained for a purpose and I have no purpose that requires more power.

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Well I've escaped so far

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The power I have is the absolute minimal I need

When it requires you to blindly believe something instead of to get to a conclusion using rational logical though

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Oz, I've often heard about that from some people about school. From my memory of school, religion was never discussed at all, outside the context of history and how some people came to the US for religious freedom. There was never any discussion or mention of "what" people believed or doctrine. There was never any mention of one religion being the "true" religion over another.
Was I just skipping class on those days, or did it really happen in some schools? I went to a small town school.

@Willcooper I once went to a private Christian school that said Christianity is the only true religion

Private religious schools are expected to teach a belief or a doctrine. That's one of the reasons why parents pay the bucks. I'm sure there are private religious schools for every religion imaginable. You get taught, what your parents selected for you, when going to a private school. There are also private schools that don't teach any religion.


So to you propaganda is the loss of options to choose from? A singular idea being expressed and all other options being denied or made inaccessible.

When ever you take on any idea that isn't your own you've been brainwashed

By this i mean to encourage thinking by yourself and making your own decision i dont see that as bad, its like forcing freedom one excludes the other

Whenever someone decides they dissagree with you - so it seems.

When it's forced on you.

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