Charlottesville Aftermath. "Patriots from all over America converged on Charlottesville. Hear the truth about what happened and don't listen to the mainstream media. They are lying."

"The reason that we as a patriot community came to Charlottesville today from all over the country ...was to tell both sides, the far right and the far left, listen, whether we agree with what you have to say or not, we agree with your right to say it without being in fear of being assaulted by the other group. I will tell you right now, Michael Hill, that I don't agree with a fucking thing that comes out of your mouth, but I agree with your right to say it, and I think you should be allowed to say it without being physically assaulted for saying it. ... I will tell you this, there isn't a man or a woman inside this room who is a racist, there's not a man or a woman inside this room who is anything that we were called today. There is not a man or a woman inside this room that is here for any other reason than to defend both of the parties, both of the extreme sides of what happened today in Charlottesville. What happened when we came here? We were the ones who were assaulted, we're the ones that are on a fucking mainstream propaganda news machine being called out by the mayor and by the chief of police you fucking coward, we're the ones who are being assaulted FOR DEFENDING YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO SAY THE BULLSHIT THAT'S COMING OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MOUTHS!" "That's right, the Conservatives out there need to get behind us on this one. This is bullshit, everything they're saying is bullshit, the cops caused this shit, they did." "On the TV there's no color, it's all white, that's bullshit." "We have men that are with our organizations today that are black, the color of your skin has no bearing, if you believe in the constitution, that's the only requirement to be in our groups. ... The cops set back folks, and watched us get pummeled with rocks, with water mixed with some kind of acid. They were throwing everything at us, some of my guys got sticks broke over their heads." "They funneled us into them." "They set a trap up and they let them attack us." "With what happened to us in our group, cops were standing less than 30 feet from us when we're having bricks thrown at us. A man was hit in the head, you know, over his ear, 3 or 4, 5, 6 stitches, they stood there and watched it, allowed it to occur. When I asked the police officers for a medic, for an ambulance to respond and help that man, I was told that they couldn't help us." ...

"Well like I said guys, just like my guy Jason Driscol, they labelled him, what, as a 'white nationalist'? All over the place, and blood on his face and stuff, he's not a white nationalist, he's a constitutionalist. They didn't come up and ask him what he was, they just labelled him. And that's what they've been doing to everybody in this patriot movement, they mislabel them. If you tell the truth on the news, and you don't demonize somebody, you're not going to sell airtime. And that's what they're doing, they're demonizing us. They're trying to make us out to be bad because it sells airtime. And we're just standing for your freedom, people. Standing for your freedom. Get the hell up off your couch and stand with us."