Are you at war against yourself? If so, which side is winning?

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Right now, we're on vacation.

I wrote the beginning of this poem when I was choosing a college to go to, and finished it some time near the end of my first semester. Just came to mind so I thought I would share:

Do you know the turmoil
Of a heart and brain
At odds against each other?
Neurons coil
And blood boils
At odds though they are brothers
Glial cells fight
Like hell
Against pale
White leukocytes

Do you know the grievance
Of a decision that has to be made
When the heart yearns for one thing
But the brain doesn’t agree?

Follow your heart they say
Against the brain’s plea
Follow your bleeding heart
While your neurons decay
Created in truth the brain cells
While your heart can follow lies
But follow your heart into hell
And let your glial cells cry

Do you know how hard it is
The time, the aches and pain it takes
To bring your heart and brain back again
Into one whole union?

It varies, sometimes the real me wins, the next day that other side is's a toss up....

Backside. My ass is getting way too big.

That sounds about right. The winning side changes...

Neither same as any war

Sure. There's usually some sort of turmoil going on inside me.

I believe all of us should treat others the way we want to be treated ourselves. And yet I know there are people in the world who are starving. I give to charities, but what a pedestrian effort! Certainly if my family and I were starving I would hope that someone with the same standard of living that I have now would make certain we had enough to eat. The selfish side of me wins this argument.

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We have negotiated a truce in the last few years. So things are pretty peaceful. :)

Its reached a deadlock at the moment

It's a "tie".

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