I feel so happy to have been born in Belgium, Westearn-Europe and not in the USA. People here accept and respect other people's differences. Being fired for being LGBT is unheard of here. It's even illegal here to discriminate against people with a different sexual orientation or gender identity. People who disagree with respecting LGBT people's gender identity or sexual orientation are shunned here. Nobody makes a problem if someone in their friend circle is gay-bi-lesbian-pan or trans. LGBT people here don't have to fear discrimination on a job sollicitation. It's illegal to discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender identity. People being killed for their sexual orientation or gender identity is also unheard of here. Religious folks cannot spread their believes publicly. They can only talk about their religion in small, intimate circles like the church which almost nobody visits here anyway. Almost nobody is religious here. Especially not the younger generations. Spreading your religious believes on the work floor or in any other public place is illegal here. Our health care insurance, which everyone has here and is very affordable, covers all kinds of procedures and doesn't exclude procedures for transgender related care. It's illegal to do so. This is a very very liberal area and I am very greatful to live in such an accepting and supportive environment and not in the USA.